Meet Ravi Thakur: Managing director of Kaamchaalu™️ Global

Meet Ravi Thakur : Managing director of Kaamchaalu™️ Global
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Meet Ravi Thakur : Managing director of Kaamchaalu™️ Global

Ravi Thakur, is a young entrepreneur with Experience of digital marketing and many ambitions. He has worked with many renowned celebrities in the past. He has also been seen as a motivational character on the internet, empowering youths to do some extraordinary stuff. Unlike any other 19-year-old, he is breaking stereotypes.

We are in the 21st century, and technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Marketing in television and newspapers is an old strategy. Now digital marketing is a new way of marketing. Business or Individual marketing online marketing, which we call as a Digital Marketing is here to stay, and it would grow more and more as time passes. To survive in today’s competitive market; you need an expert who can understand Digital Marketing and technology. We find many experts today in the market, but It is not easy to find the right one.

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Ravi Thakur is such a Young Entrepreneur and Managing Director of his digital advertising agency.In recent times, Ravi Thakur has managed some of the big names in the entertainment industry, maximizing their digital image.Ravi Thakur considers himself as an ‘eager student’ and this quality of his makes him a maestro of digital marketing.He is already a famous name and a leading figure in the world of digital marketing in India and Bihar with an experience of working with the top most companies worldwide which helped him to learn the essentials of digital promotion.

His knowledge and hard work have helped him grow his own company which is now dealing with much promotional work of various fields like businesses, celebrity management, songs, Books and other promotions.Ravi Thakur has a hunger for discovering new things and looking to change the traditional ways of digital marketing to new means of digital marketing. Because of this habit, he has learned many innovative things.

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