Paras Gola: Quick Interview With YNB Digital Media Founder

Paras Gola
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Paras Gola: Quick Interview With YNB Digital Media Founder

At the age of 16 when most people get a hard time figuring out how to convince their parents to allow them for attending the school trip, Paras Gola thought to start his blog and today he is one of the most successful bloggers in India. This Delhi-based Entrepreneur with his continual effort and dedication has now established himself as a successful business owner in the industry.

According to the date 28th August 1995, Gola is currently 25 years old. This social media influencer cum celebrity has gained expertise in the strategies, tips, and tricks of blog writing, content marketing and are making a difference in the virtual world by guiding and teaching his followers via his content. Apart from content creation and digital marketing, his popular blog posts include modeling, podcasts, motivational content which gets immense love from his supporters needless to say that he has a huge fan base.

In 2019,  he started his company YNB Digital Media which primarily helps people or influencer get themselves verified on different social media platforms. Besides helping to get verified, his company also provides services like social medium management, Google knowledge graph, PR coverage, brand promotion, and much more. Paras Golauses his media platform as a source of income and is doing a pretty good job through sponsored brand and business promotions. This medium also proves very useful for him to promote his own business, hence he works with many big brands and business sharks under this domain. 

Paras Gola has also authored several books on digital marketing such as ‘SEO for Bing is different from Google SEO’ where he explains how SEO varies from platform to platform, ‘Email Marketing Tips by Paras Gola’, ‘5 SEO tips for Yahoo’, etc. His book ‘Future of Digital Marketing in 2021’ talks about how the techniques which are very useful today are getting outdated and there is so much scope for improvement. The same analytics and metrics which prove very helpful now will become useless in near future. These books are available both digitally and in paperback format.

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This young and dynamic personality not only uses his influence to attract and endorse brands but also makes it a point to motivate and inspire people who look at him as their role model. His passion for creating content along with his skills and perseverance reflects that there is no force powerful enough to stop you from achieving heights if you are persistent enough with your efforts.

Paras Gola, born on August 28, 1995, started blogging at the age of 16. Through his persistent efforts and hard work, he was able to crack the secrets strategies of blog writing, content marketing, and became proficient in digital marketing. In the year 2019, he started his own company, YNB Digital Media, and primarily helped celebrities in getting verified. His company provides solutions for social media account management, social media profile verification, Google knowledge graph, PR coverage, brand promotion, and more. Currently, he is working with many big brand names and industry giants in this domain. Paras Gola has also written several books along the lines of digital marketing which are available both digitally and in paperback format.

Apart from business, he himself is a social media celebrity and influencer. He has an enormous following on his social media profiles. His supporters love his content and look forward to interacting with him via virtual live sessions and direct messaging. He enjoys creating content for his followers and inspiring them to move ahead in the right direction. His content also reflects his wit and humor that goes a long way in keeping his fans smiling and positive through the toughest times. His most popular content includes modeling, podcast, inspirational content, and tips about content creation and digital marketing. Paras Gola uses his platform to gain an influx of money through sponsored brand and business promotion. It is also a medium for him to promote his own business and invite interested clients. 

At the young age of 25, Paras Gola has achieved immense success and popularity, with the determination to go higher and steeper. He is a young man of potential, creating a world of possibilities for himself.

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